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September 17, 2019, 05:22:54 AM


Vote for your final shot from the top three to represent us in November.

Photo 3 Tartlaghan
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Photo 9 Skippy

Author Topic: Photo of the Month (October 2012) The theme is "Water". Congrats Tartlaghan!  (Read 4347 times)

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I agree with Skippy.
If reflections had been a POTM theme this year or perhaps in the last 12 months then I'd prefer another but its been quite a while so its good IMHO.

The idea of a list of themes already used would be a good idea though.
I'll see if I can get a spare 20 mins this weekend to go through past ones and make a list.
Had nothing to do and whipped this up - hope you don't mind.... Feel free to grab it and put it somewhere (like it's own thread) if you think it requires it...

September - Jumping/Air Time
October - Sunset/Sunrise
November - No Theme?
December - Bridge

January - Bokeh
February - No Theme
March - Night Photography
April - Street Photography
May - Vast
June - Architecture
July - Nature with no hint of human touch
August - Fun in the Sun
September - Sky
October   Water
November - Foliage
December - Reflection

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I agree too; perhaps a rolling annual list? So that we can have "Fall", "Hallowe'en", "Christmas" etc. even if we had it last year...