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December 10, 2019, 06:02:39 AM

Author Topic: POTM for November 2014 - you can shoot this now!  (Read 2360 times)

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POTM for November 2014 - you can shoot this now!
« on: October 05, 2014, 11:39:40 AM »
Please PM Snapper your shot and it will be posted without your name. We are going to judge blindly again this month.

Do Not Forget. Your shot needs to be 990x415 to be in the contest.

New rule for 2013 onwards: Any shot submitted must be shot between the time of the announcement of the theme and the deadline for entry. In other words, no searching your old shots for an entry to the POTM contest.
Got a nice picture you took with your Canon EOS Camera?  Submit it below and the winner's picture will be posted up as the website header for the month of February.
I wish we could throw in a prize but unfortunately, we don't have any sponsors yet.  Bragging rights are always fun to win though!

Also the winner will choose the next POTM`s theme!

Looking forward to seeing what you all got!  The poll will be added on November 25th for the first round of voting.  November 28, 2014 the poll will be updated so that everyone can vote on their favourite from the top 3 that made it past the first round of voting.

The Theme for November's competition is
'Motion, with composite images allowed'

1.  One photo entry per user (so pick your best one!).  Choose wisely as the first photo you submit will be the one judged.  You can't switch photos once one has been submitted.
2.  Photo has to be in some way related to the Theme.
3.  Photo has to be in landscape orientation (as opposed to portrait), 990x415 as this will be the cropped end product (Photos that have a smaller width than 990 or a smaller height than 415 will be disqualified - the reason, enlarging photos degrades their quality).
4.  Deadline for entries is midnight on November 25th, 2014. Update (Suggested deadline is the 25th as we will now take an entry all the way up to the 28th if you want to suffer from not getting your shot in when the poll opened up.)
5.  Between November 25th and November 28th, members vote on their 3 favourites and can update/change their votes up until midnight November 28th.  From midnight November 28th to the end of the month, the poll will be reset with the top 3 vote-getters from the first round and members can vote for their favourite.
6.  Moderators can now enter a photo in the contest without worrying about conflict of interest.
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Re: POTM for November 2014 - you can shoot this now!
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2014, 02:13:16 PM »
This has a wealth of possible opportunities, great choice of theme.
C&C always welcome. If you want to try re-editing any of my shots, feel free.

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