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Author Topic: The Winning shots with some history.  (Read 3586 times)

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The Winning shots with some history.
« on: June 14, 2012, 09:48:51 PM »
The original battle that started us off:

Chelie took on and defeated Doodle in a close vote with 29 voters chiming in on the “Building” topic.
Winning shot:

Then the battles took off starting with bgray and foto dude in a battle on bgray’s home field of “churches”.  After 33 votes this one was pretty close with a 19 to 14 vote total but in the end bgray took advantage of home field and won this one.
Winning shot:

Then it was a landslide of challenges and we have not looked back. Here they go in some sort of order with the winning shots and the challenges:

1074 Vs Photofreak in a “Motion” based theme with 1074 pulling off his first win and starting these two down a long series of challenges. The winning shot:

Pineconetreehouse jumped into action and took on Photofreak with a “Nature” theme and also took his first win. The winning shot:

Then it was time for the first of many from ~shutterbug~ and Wintergon in the “Pet” shot that ~shutterbug~ launched her Thunderdome career with a win in. The winning shot:

The next challenge goes down as a little bit of Thunderdome history as ND and Utopia launched their careers and battled to at 30 vote tie of 15 each. The tied shots:

Next we had a “Building” battle between Craig and laisinns with laisinns claiming a narrow victory of 14 to 11 votes. After 25 votes this was the winning shot:

It was time for This2ismyname vs foto dude with “Candid Kid Shot” as the theme. Foto dude’s candid kid won this day and here is the shot:

Hybrid AWD and Snailtek wanted in on the Thunderdome action and went with a “Tree” theme where Snailtek took the win. Winning shot:

Now it was Queen Chelie Vs 1074 in a “Macro” challenge with Queen Chelie proving that a money shot will beat a doll shot any day. The winning shot:

Pineconetreehouse and 1074 battled to sky with “Skies” as a theme. This one would go to Pineconetreehouse and this is the winning shot:

So it was time for a little more ~shutterbug~ and the first for Anthgateshead as they took their take on “Nature” and AnthGatesHead won this one in a very close 15 to 12 vote. The winning shot:

Queen Chelie took on bgray in another one that was right up bgray’s alley and did an “HDR Landscape” challenge but fell right into the bgray trap and bgray took this one. The winning shot:

“Architecture” took its turn in the Thunderdome and saw a good battle between Wintergon and ND with ND taking the win. The shot that won:

“Transportation” came into play as Doodle called out Skippy but in the end Skippy has a pretty neat subject to put up and won the challenge. The winning shot:

Things got a little “Mundane” and the “Mundane Object” was the theme of laislinns and This2ismyname. This one was close but This2ismyname was “Mundane” master and here is the winning shot:

ND and Utopia had a double or nothing do over to try to rectify that damned tie so they went “Street” theme and Utopia took it all. The winning shot:

Speaking of freaking ties, well, Pineconetreehouse and Hybrid AWD went for a “Macro” challenge and with a poor vote turnout of just 18 votes, this one went into the books as a tie. The tied shots: Pineconetreehouse
Hybrid AWD

Next it was Queen Chelie and Photofreak with yet another take on “Nature,” animals to be specific, and Queen Chelie proved that she is hard to beat. The winning shot:

It was time for some “Technology” to make its way to the Thunderdome via Doodle and Zubbuz and Zubbuz showed that he was a little more with the “Technology” and won this one pretty solidly at 19 to 8 but both were cool shots. Here is the winning shot:

Next we saw the Moderator call out and Snapper took on Skierboy with “Paths” as a theme. In the end Snapper showed the way with his winning path shot:

Snailtek and massarosareloud took two totally different takes on the “Backyard” theme and confused all 24 voters to the point that 12 went this way and 12 went that way. Another stinking tie. The tied shots: massarosareloud snailtek

Pineconetreehouse and zubbuz opened up the flood gates for “B&W” themes and zubbuz had our first B&W win with this shot:

Now it was “Sunrise/Sunset” time and Queen Chilie beat Skippy on that one with this shot:

Queen Chelie showed why she is Queen with a “Music” challenge that she took on Utopia with and she used her like a virgin Madona cassette to win the challenge:

Laislinns and 1074 jumped on the “Railroad” theme and went down to the final hour for this two vote margin of victory for 1074. The winning Railroad shot:

The next “Nature” shot challenge was between bgray and Hybrid AWD. Bgray took this one with this shot:

The rematch between Pineconetreehouse and Hybrid AWD was in and with “Macro” as the theme Pinecone took a close one with this shot:

Massarosareloud took on Snailtek in a “window/door” challenge and massarosareloud took the win with this shot:

It was time for the Snailtek and ND “Nature” theme and Snailtek won this one with this shot:

Skierboy and Zubbuz went for a “Dusk” theme and Skierboy took this one with this shot of the “Dusk”:

Kjvanek and Photofreak came up with a neat theme of “Sticks” meaning out in the sticks and since Photofreak is from the sticks, well she won this one pretty solidly with this shot:

It was time for two weathered photographers to take on one another in the “Weathered” challenge so 1074 went up against bgray but again in the end bgray took it with this shot:

Bgray and Exkalibur went for a “Small Town-Scape” shot and bgray took this one with this shot:

~shutterbug~ and Wintergon took it to the “Birds” and Wintergon won with this one:

Laislinns took on Skippy in a “Pets” theme and in the end it was a dog vote for Skippy with this shot:

Another “Transportation” challenge showed up and it was massarosareloud and laislinns with laislinns taking this one with the runaway vote for the runaway train here:

Skippy and 1074 headed to the “Deep Dark Woods” and 1074 showed that he could see his way around a little better than Skippy and 1074 won this one with this shot:

Any challenge that only wins by one vote sure does mean we got our money’s worth and that is what we had with the BrChamber1 vs Snailtek “Morning” theme. BrChamber1 ruled the morning by one vote with this shot:

And so it would be that we are now in some close battles once again as “Music” had massarosareloud and 1074 battle to a two vote margin of victory for massarosareloud with this shot:

Wintergon and Skippy decided to revisit the “Path/Trail” theme and Wintergon won this one with a 60 to 40% margin with this shot:

So it was time for a Skippy Vs Foto Dude challenge with “River” as the theme and Skippy got lucky with a pretty great subject that was not expected and took the river shot with this one:

1074 and ~shutterbug~ had their go at B&W and 1074 took another one with this shot:

Our last of the current finished challenges had our most lopsided victory that went to bgray but in all fairness to laislinns, I think people need to revisit that one and really have a look at her shot. I still can’t figure out if I am looking at and illusion or what but exkalibur was brave enough to post what I saw as well in her shot. Here is the winning shot from bgray and I don’t want to steal any of his thunder as it was a great shot:

Now go back and look at laislinns shot and see if you don’t see what I see. Well, me and exkalibur. Not saying that changes your vote but that is a cool shot to me. http://www.t2iforum.com/the-thunderdome!-head-to-head-challenge-forum/vote-now!-laislinns-vs-bgray-in-a-bw-theme-tues-afternoon-vote/

In the best friend face off between ~shutterbug and Photofreak they decided to make "Sisters" the theme and Photofreak took this one with this winning shot:

BrChamber1 and Photofreak took on the "Cars" challenge but I think nostalgia swayed this one to Photofreak. Here is the winning shot:

"Stuck Indoors" got a turn as a them with 1074 and Photofreak and well it seemed Photofreak was on a roll this weekend with this winning shot:
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