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Author Topic: Thunderdome! Official Rules and Guidelines  (Read 2429 times)

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Thunderdome! Official Rules and Guidelines
« on: May 27, 2012, 11:19:22 AM »
What is Thunderdome?

Thunderdome, (despite it’s rather rather intimidating sounding name) is a friendly subforum
where two photographers accept a photo theme, and then present their best work in a
competition format. The forum members then blindly vote on which photo was executed better,
and the winner is crowned. Although the nature of the challenge is indeed competitive,
crowning a “winner” is not the point. The point of Thunderdome is for photographers to advance
their skills and learn how to photograph scenes that may not normally be in their comfort zone.
The emphasis of “Friendly Competition” is placed heavily on the “Friendly” portion.

How Do I Participate?

There is always a thread within the subform where you can ask for a challenge. It’s usually
called “Ask for a Challenge”. It will be “pinned”, or highlighted in pink. Just state within that
thread that you are interested. Once you throw your hat into the ring, a moderator will assign
you a fellow photographer to compete with. If you want to issue a challenge to a particular
member, or set up the challenge on your own, fee free. Once you have your partner, reach out
to him/her and decide upon a theme and a deadline together. Once you have taken your photo,
you will submit it to a moderator via a Private Message. It is recommended that you send a link
to the file in a format such as DropBox. If you send a URL link to the photo on your website, the
members may be be able to tell who took the photo. The moderator then post the photos
anonymously with a poll. The members will vote, and the winner is crowned.

So to summarize...

1. Go to the “Ask for a Challenge” thread.
2. State that you are up for a challenge.
3. Once a partner is assigned, get in touch with them and collectively decide on a theme and a
4. A moderator will start a thread stating that the challenge is on. (Or you can start your own)
5. Submit your photos to a moderator (DropBox is recommend to keep your identity unknown)
6. Wait and see if you won!
7. Repeat and advance your skills every time!


1. Keep it friendly. Remember that the point of this is to advance your skills and reduce your
limitations as a photographer....not to advance your ego and reduce the pride of your partner.

2. Your photo needs to be taken in between the time period that you and your partner agree
upon a theme and the deadline. You are not allowed to grab a photo from your portfolio
that you took prior to the competition!!!

3. Try your best to not feel intimidated! All skill levels participate. This is a very friendly forum.
We have never had issues with Trolls, or people acting inappropriately. If this does occur, the
Troll will be appropriately dealt with. The benefit from Thunderdome is that you will advance
your skills much faster, so put any fears aside, and jump in!

After the voting is over, a period of critique is open and highly encouraged.  Probably the best way for photographers to improve their photos is to learn what their friendly peers would suggest to make a better photo next time.  This period of critique is open to all members, not just the challengers.

Thank you to Bgray for drafting this up for us.
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